October 5th, 2019 – Board Meeting Minutes

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October 5th, 2019 - Board Meeting Minutes

Adrian Woods Home Owners Association (AWHOA)
October 5, 2019  9:00am @ Fire Station


  • Roll taken with confirmation of quorum – Called to Order by President at 09:02AM, Quorum confirmed
  • Introduction of any guests
  • Ensure everyone sign in for the meeting - Complete
  • Review and approval of 9/7/19 Board Meeting Minutes – Minutes reviewed, President motion to accept, First by Don Dellinger and Second by Rob McMaster


  • Committee Reports:
    1. Covenant Committee – Completed draft, discussion about how to ensure better participation, Will target Annual Meeting for first vote.
    2. Architectural Review Committee - None
  • Board Member (Director/Officer) Reports: If any
    1. Strategic Review – McMaster provided updated with comments from Terry Brinston. With new road re-coating, the plan and associated future costs will be updated by November Board meeting


  1. Balance sheet, profit and loss budget vs actual, accounts receivable, check written – Discussed current status of budget and how to execute remaining funds.


  • Status of quote on concrete spillways/ditches phase II – Reality masters discussed proposal with first company; verbal quote was near $250,000 for the entire underground piping. Board not pursuing.
  • Status of road contract – Reality Masters confirmed with Board that the remaining full payment to the contractor was authorized. McMaster brought up one major road area that may need to be repaved is at corner of Farrell and Ashley (to be reviewed by Board by next meeting for further discussion).
  • Drainage ditch maintenance – Reality Masters will get quotes on shooting the drainage ditches and excavate as necessary, and pond maintenance as entrance/exits, and also the rocks entering and exiting.
  • Notification to owners about grass growing over curb and debris being left in road – Email was forwarded and discussed at meeting.
  • Vacating of utility easement – Tyler discussed his findings from investigating his property that enters the utility easement, he contacted numerous county departments. Reality Masters was requested  by Board to follow up and complete a “written decree of abandonment” by the AWHOA since no other utility company wants it and the prior Sewer company has been shut down for over 10 years.    Joe Barnes requested meetings stated that he wants a written response to his correspondence from the AWHOA board in a timely manner.


McMaster presented front entrance upgrade with remaining 2019 funds.

  • Terry Brinston confirmed she would accept AWHOA to remove sign, fence, palm trees, and stone in her front yard
  • Board requested Reality Master to get quotes from Mason for one sign upgrade to stone façade (Options for make over vs. entire new sign are welcome based on cost)
  • All remaining trees and stone will be removed and grass planted.

Member Comments/Concerns

Members requested Reality Masters send a memo to Gulf Power about the repeated power interruptions weekly.

SCHEDULE Next board meeting

2 Nov 2019  0900

ADJOURN – 1136 by President.

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