March 30th, 2019 – Board Meeting Minutes

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March 30th, 2019 – Board Meeting Minutes

Adrian Woods Home Owners Association (AWHOA)
March 30 9:00am @ Fire Station


  • Call meeting to Order – 0903 by President
  • Roll taken with confirmation of BoD quorum
  • Ensure everyone sign in for the meeting – Add Topics for New Business
  • Review and approval of 3/2/19 Board Meeting Minutes – Reviewed and discussed – Passed unanimously


  • Committee Reports:
    1. Covenant Committee
      1. Update on New Covenant draft/process -Lost two people off committee; Need more people to join. Maloney willing to volunteer while here.  TASK:  Complete prior to review
    2. Architectural Review Committee
      1. Fence request - 5712 Farrell Way – Initial decline to original fence backline. Bring fence forward as depicted on the amendment - APPROVED
      2. RV Cover/Storage request – 1044 Aden Court. RV Cover denied per ARC guidance due to similar structure.  Storage Shed – Due to prior drainage issue, this additional structure is denied until drainage is fixed.  Once resolved, the owner is allowed to re-submit for the shed.
  • Entrance – Pressure wash, West side. Fence. East side is fencing is significantly deteriorating.   Recommendation is to remove both fences. Options: Patch, Remove and bump off property,   TABLED Discussion -    COLOR will be alabaster.
  • Board Member (Director/Officer) Reports: If any
    1. Strategic Planning


  1. Balance sheet, profit and loss budget vs actual, accounts receivable, check written – Motion to Accept – Approved


  • Recording of meetings- Briefed. Barnes requested to record all future meetings to include this meeting.  Approved for 2019 meetings.
  • Number of covenant votes submitted – Restart new Covenants.
  • Bank account signer changes – Remove signatures of William Scism and William Mckinnon from both the operating and reserve funding accounts and replace with Matt Kamla and Jeremy Abercrombie for both the operating and reserve funding accounts. Board agreed to requiring 2 signatures for all Reserve Account transactions over $500.  Pam Brantley is to remain a signer on the operating account.
  • Clean up results and what left to do? McMaster thanked previous homeowners.  The
  • Update on collecting monthly Maintenance Contract Submissions
    1. Confirm areas included/not included, frequency – Jay used previous year contract to use for negotiation. Board discussed options for contract.  Will continue to work best contract options.  Requested Lenny to continue for 2 months at current 2018 prices April and May to allow board to make new contract.
    2. Alternate options – McMaster mentioned BoD to help, not supported due to lack of insurance.
  • Review of Realty Masters Contract (what is included, what is not?) - Jay briefed the contract.   Requested them to post on website.  Automatic renewal unless requested by BoD.  Must have 45 notice.
  • Response of board regarding drainage and utility ditches –
    1. MOTION - Spillway constructed where bottom of spillway is level with road on western Farrell so center ditch has drain off. – Motion denied due to no second.
    2. Motion – Allow ARC to approve all requests for property owners to contour/sculpt the ditch allowing an easier access for maintenance with adjoining property owner consent; ARC will require Santa Rosa County approval.
    3. Task – JAY request SRC for guidance on allowing approved motion to happen.


  • Drainage ditches maintenance
    1. $4000 per year
    2. Request 3 quotes was not approved since the time to do ditches being dry is expiring
    3. MOTION – Approve Dominic for $4000 level of effort with option with BOD approval for an additional $2000. _Approved
      1. Discussion – Will it include Joes center ditch – Can it be a special line item?
      2. ANSWER – line item for each drainage area
    4. Review of contract outside meeting via email.
  • Concrete for the ditches from the road to the drainage ditches.
    1. One quote - $6500
    2. Clear out ditch Farrell and Ashley
    3. Tyler will take dirt off Joes’ property (previous property owner dumped dirt there).

Member Comments/Concerns

Tyler – requested AWHOA Manager to send land owner (as requested) a letter to mow adjacent property.  Request approved by BoD.

Website- Rob McMaster – Based on input from Jeremy Abercrombie, provided recommended update (Move fines off front page) and Reorganize Documents into folders to clearly explain what you are looking at (All previous Drafts not approved shall be removed to avoid confusion).

Paving – Will start in 30 days.   $109,000.

President – request Jay to contact “sewer area” to see if they will lease us property to allow for parking boats/campers.

Joe – Requested minutes state that “Joe advised if seeping over the curbs are not addressed, it will undermine the new road”.  Board Noted.

SCHEDULE Next board meeting

  1. Jay had conflict, requested delay to May 4th
  2. BoD requested remaining 2019 meetings to move to first Sat of the month (4 May 2019)
  3. Jay will pay Fire Dept $300 for all meetings for the year.


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