March 30th, 2019 – Board Meeting Minutes

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March 30th, 2019 – Board Meeting Minutes

Adrian Woods Home Owners Association (AWHOA)
May 4, 2019 9:00am @ Fire Station


  • Call meeting to Order - TIME: 0905 Called to Order
    1. Joe Barnes requested signature on paper – Rob McMaster signed
  • Roll taken with confirmation of BoD quorum: CONFIRMED 4 present (Pres, Vp. Treas, Sec)
  • Ensure everyone sign in for the meeting – Add Topics for New Business
  • Review and approval of 3/30/19 Board Meeting Minutes: Approved


  • Committee Reports:
    1. Covenant Committee – Researching to find format. Issues with December need to be identified.
      1. Draft of milestones by June
      2. Goal to have out for community by Fall final by Dec.
    2. Architectural Review Committee
      1. Attorney Recommendation to Board
      2. Main discussion on issue of “commercial business” making a living.   President recommended that Management company draft a letter for Owner regarding commercial business are not allowed to be operated from the outside of the home.  In addition, he recommended the letter to request him to address the drainage issue impacted by his property.  Recommend letter sent to County also.
  • Outstanding issue for ARC is Playhouse.
  • Board Member (Director/Officer) Reports: If any
    1. Strategic Planning – Request a Strategic Planning meeting following the 1 Jun Meeting.


  • Balance sheet, profit and loss budget vs actual, accounts receivable, check written
  • Determine MUST PAY 2019 Bills / SHOULD PAY 2019 Bills - $10K operating budget remaining at end of year with current budget.
  • Discussion of vacant property and major bill – Jay stated already under collection agency and lien on property. Send one letter to outstanding member regarding final notice prior to turning over to attorney for collection.


  • Confirm Bank account signers are complete – Final signature added, send to PAM to resign, and turn into SYNOVUS bank.
  • Discuss Road Contract – (Potential Risk for Over and Above) – Modify contract to limit over and above without first approval. Letter to homeowners announcing road paving, notice to homeowner HOA not responsible for damage to yards inside the easement area.  Recommend marking sprinklers/owner added stuff.
  • Approve shut off of two Water Sprinkler Accounts. – MOTION – Approved to shut off sprinklers.  Notify homeowners (Jay).
  • Update on Maintenance Contract Submissions
    1. Confirm areas included/not included, frequency
    2. Add spray crevaces to kill grass on curbs/roads; Remove 2 entrances. Cut entrance only 1 time month.
  • LATE ADD: DITCH MAINTENANCE CONTRACT -    Discussed ditch maintenance and new recommendations.  Issues with Sunshine State Excavating.  Discussed Board renting equipment as alternate for ditch maintenance this year.


Discussion on Fence resolution from Front (Terry Brinston)- Discussed BOD will do a maintain update (scrape and Paint) - Jay send letter to 2 homeowners.

Member Comments/Concerns


SCHEDULE 2019 board meeting

  1. 1 Jun 0900
  2. 6 Jul 0900 (Cancelled)
  3. 3 Aug 0900
  4. 7 Sep 0900
  5. 5 Oct 0900 - Potential for AWHOA Community Picnic?
  6. 2 Nov 0900
  7. 7 Dec- 0900 Annual Meeting (Vote new Board/Budget)


President closed meeting – 10:38

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