June 1st, 2019 – Board Meeting Minutes

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June 1st, 2019 - Board Meeting Minutes

Adrian Woods Home Owners Association (AWHOA)
June 1, 2019 9:00am @ Fire Station


  • Call meeting to Order TIME: ___09:03__
  • Roll taken with confirmation of BoD quorum CONFIRM: _Wamack, McMaster, Perriman_________
  • Ensure everyone sign in for the meeting – Add Topics for New Business
  • Review and approval of 5/4/19 Board Meeting Minutes


  • Committee Reports:
    1. Covenant Committee – Discussion in meeting to discuss best path to change covenants. Recommend by BoD to use electronic voting and house-to-house contact with homeowners.  McMaster suggested brief as part of Fall Picnic to garner support.  Request Jay to research Proxy voting rules.
    2. Architectural Review Committee –
      1. 10X20 Shed – 1044 Aden Ct. Approved for single building installation.
      2. Play Structure – Approved (Closed from May minutes)
  • No water at Front Entrance.
  • Board Member (Director/Officer) Reports: If any
    1. Strategic Planning – Strategic Planning meeting following the 1 Jun Meeting.


  • Balance sheet, profit and loss budget vs actual, accounts receivable, check written - Approved
  • Board discussion and vote on how to handle unpaid 2019 Dues – Board voted to give homeowners option to pay by 1 Jul.
  • Board discussion and approval on RENTRACK for online payment of DUES (no cost to HOA). Board accepted to use service for credit card- payment by homeowner incurs 3% fee.


  • Discuss Road Contract – Status of contract?
  • Confirm shut off of two Water Sprinkler Accounts – Confirm complete by Jay? - Complete
  • Update on Maintenance Contract Submissions
    1. Confirm areas included/not included, frequency
    2. Board reviewed and voted on approval for $700 (less 2nd mowing cost) from Northwest Restoration and landscaping (90 day w/ extensions)
  • Discuss Ditch Maintenance
    1. Several bids reviewed from Jay
    2. Board discussed shifting focus of Road to two Ditches with concrete. Request Jay obtain quote for BOARD decision (include just spray roads).
    3. Discuss rental of bush hog and due our own ditches – Saves $XXXX for AWHOA. Hold til next board meeting.
    4. Jay contact County for potential Engineering Review
  • Discuss cleanup of center block per agreement with Joe Barnes 5/4/19 - HOA clean road and he will maintain grass over edge of curb.
  • Review of covenant issues from Jay Schwartz – Board discuss

1007 Adrian Way    bushes need trimming
1115 Adrian Way    needs mowing and the growth in the cracks of driveway need removal
1024 Adrian Way.   Needs to keep gate closed if the boat is going to be there
1032  adrian Way    Garage door looks to be stained
5759 Farrel Way      Boat in driveway and the lawn needs mowing and appears to be starving for water
5760 Farrel Way    Boat on property next door,  trailer in driveway,  basketball in right of way
5751  Farrel Way  Needs mowing
5744  Farrel Way    no landscaping at all and there are weeds by the house
5743  Farrel Way  dead clippings from edging or mowing in the road
1160 Adrian Way   thrown debris in ditch behind house.


  • Discuss owners blowing grass into road (versus on lawn) and impact to curb and drainage backup in spillways – potential notification to owners and/or fines?

Member Comments/Concerns


SCHEDULE 2019 board meeting

  1. 6 Jul – NO Board Meeting
  2. 3 Aug 0900
  3. 7 Sep 0900
  4. 5 Oct 0900
  5. 2 Nov 0900
  6. 7 Dec- 0900 Annual Meeting (Vote new Board/Budget)


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