July 15th, 2015 – Board Meeting Minutes

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July 15th, 2015 - Board Meeting Minutes

C/O Realty Masters, 4400 Bayou Blvd #58, Pensacola, FL 32503

AWHOA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes
July 15, 2015

William Scism, President               Sarah Long, Vice President
Deborah Finkle, Secretary                 William McKinnon, Treasurer
John Maloney, Sr., Director        Patrick Gerdes, Director


1) The meeting was on 15 July 2015 at 5712 Farrel Way and began at 6:03 pm.

2) Quorum Confirmation:  Board Members present:  Sarah Long, William McKinnon, William Scism (via phone), and Patrick Gerdes were present.  Deborah Finkle and John Maloney Sr. were excused.  A quorum was confirmed.

3) Jay Schwartz was officially introduced as the new HOA manager. Mr. Schwartz provided a brief background of his experience as well as the company he is affiliated with, Realty Masters. He did clarify he has been hired by and works for the AWHOA. Mr. Schwartz currently manages 12 individual HOA’s. His main goal is to work together, with the Board, to make the community a better place. Mr. Schwartz did confirm he closed the old PO Box and all mail should now be sent to the Realty Masters address.

4) Approval of Minutes:  The minutes from the June 10, 2015 Board of Directors meeting were approved.  All directors had reviewed these minutes prior to the meeting.

5) Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s Report has been officially handed off to Jay Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz is busy building the accounts receivable based on the report that was provided to him by Mr. McKinnon. There should be a better report next month, as the transition is completed and the accounts receivables are built with Mr. Schwartz and his team.

Mr. Schwartz did confirm he has received payments for several outstanding balances. These payments include the second $900 payment from Jimmy and Joe Barnes as well as a payment from Wasinger, for $1005.00. Several past due HOA fee payments have been received as well, in the amount of $257.00. The interest was waived for these payments and the additional $7.00 charge is to cover the mailing fees.

5) Notice of intent to file/Lien update:

  1. Several letters were received back as undeliverable. This is being looked into so the Board and Jay can track down good addresses/contacts.
  2. The first IdeaCorp Properties payment of $450.00 was received on 7/15

6) Committee Reports:

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) – Mr. Tom Finkle and Mr. Donald Dellinger were present. The only approval needed was for an iron fence for a home on Farrell Way and a home needing gutters, on Adrian Way. A discussion took place regarding setting a proposed fence height range, so it can be clearly established in the covenants how short and how high a fence can be built.

A separate discussion did take place regarding a letter Mr. Schwartz received from Rob Mcmaster about concerns he had regarding the rules of the neighborhood. Mr. McMaster’s concern states “the Board has taking liberty with embellishing the covenants to what they seem to qualify as interpretations.” It was determined it is the duty of the Board to interpret the rules. The concerns regarding the rules and covenants will be added to the agenda for the next meeting, to help clarify any confusion. If anything needs to be amended the Board can take a look at them and vote.

Welcome Committee – Patrick Gerdes provided an update.  No updates this month. A copy of the Welcome Letter has been posted at the sign by the pond on Adrian Way. It does still need to be added to the website. Russ Garrison, the owner for a rental property on Adrian Way is back in the area and is working hard to clean and fix up the property. It is coming along nicely and the property is already looking much better than it was. Once the property is back up to par, he is thinking about possibly renting it out again. We do have his contact information should he decide to rent it again and we need to reach him directly.

A separate discussion took place about a vacant house on Rin Court. The home is currently foreclosed and owned by the bank. The bank has cut the grass and cleaned up the property; however, the back door is still broken and upon last check still open. We will be notifying the bank to get the house secured.

8) Board Member Round Table – Donald Dellinger did present concerns regarding lots that need mowing and drainage overgrowth. Currently, we have one estimate to work on the drainage ditches. We would like to get one or two more estimates before we move forward. Mr. Dellinger is working with Mr. Schwartz to provide him a scope of work as to what is needed. It was suggested to possibly come up with a plan to have the ditches cleared/maintained every 3-4 months. This is something the Board may include in to the next landscape contract.


  • Status of turnover to new Realty Masters management – Please see notes above
  • Lot Mowing –It needs to be determined, by the HOA, as what is considered unsightly grass height. Schwartz recommended we allow him to do his inspections twice a month. If he determines a lived on lot needs to be cut, he will contact the home owner directly. He will also work on obtaining proper contact info for all lived on and non-lived on properties.
  • Proposal to go to quarterly meetings
    1. It was determined, for the time being, we have a meeting in August before we jump to quarterly meetings. This way we can insure the full and proper transition to Realty Masters.
  • Recent Home Owner Complaint
    1. 1112 Adrian Way – Jay Schwartz drove by the property and it was determined there were no violations with this property.
    2. Dumping in lots – This was addressed with the violator and the issue has been resolved. Any trash or lawn debris must be placed on the street so it can be picked up by the proper waste disposal company.
  • NEXT MEETING: The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for 6pm on August 26, 2015 at Sarah Long’s home, 1197 Adrian Way. Jay Schwartz, from Realty Masters, will be attending the August meeting.
  • Bill Scism thanked the Directors. The meeting adjourned at 7pm. 


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