December 8th, 2018 – General Meeting Notes

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December 8th, 2018 - General Meeting Notes

Adrian Woods Homeowners Association (AWHOA)

4400 Bayou Blvd. Suite 58-B Pensacola, FL 32503

AWHOA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes 

December 8, 2018


Larry Periman, President           Karen Neely, Vice President      Jeremy Abercrombie, Treasurer

Julia Wamack, Secretary           Andriy Dilion, Director 

  1. Call to order and establish quorum: The meeting was held on 8 December, 2018 at: Fire Station - 909 Clearview Street, Milton FL. Meeting began at 10:03am.
  2. Quorum Confirmation: Board members present: Larry Periman, Karen Neely, Jeremy Abercrombie, Julia Wamack. A quorum confirmed.
  3. Approval of minutes: The minutes from November 11, 2018 meeting were approved unanimously after motion by Larry Periman with 2nd by Julia Wamack. The minutes will be posted to the website.
  4. Financial Review: Jay Schwartz reviewed the current Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet and the accounts receivable. This will be available for review on the website


  1. Covenant Committee: Proposed Covenant changes as of date of meeting had not met a quorum to conduct proposed changes. The Board will revisit to determine if quorum was met prior to deadline.
  2. Architectural Review Committee: no current activity at this time.

Old Business

  1. Approved to proceed on foreclosure of home on 1028 Steel Ct with motion made by John Maloney with 2nd by Albert Wamack.
  2. Opening of the pond located behind 1012 Ashley Rd has been cleared.
  3. Road resurfacing was approved in prior board meetings. Board opened discussion with owners during the annual meeting. Open discussion of approved motion was discussed with owners and motion was made by Bill Scism with 2nd by John Maloney to move forward with resurfacing.

New Business

  1. New board and committees were voted on and approved.
    1. 2019 Board: Rob McMaster, Matt Kamla, Albert Wamack, Jeremy Abercrombie, Larry Periman
    2. 2019 Architectural Review Committee: Diane McMaster, Larry Periman, Justin Ellis, Tyler Ortlieb, Julia Wamack
    3. 2019 Covenant Committee: Barry & Barbara Peterson, April Abercrombie, Jacqueline Abshire, Julia Wamack
    4. 2019 Fines Committee: Sharon Rhoades, April Abercrombie, Bill Scism

Next Meeting Schedule

  1. Next board meeting scheduled for January 26, 2019 at 9am. Location: Fire Station - 909 Clearview Street, Milton FL.

Meeting Adjournment

  1. Meeting adjourned at 11:05am after motion by Larry Periman with 2nd by Julia Wamack and unanimous approval.

Respectfully Submitted

Julia Wamack, Secretary

January 23, 2019

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