December 10th, 2015 – General Meeting Notes

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December 10th, 2015 - General Meeting Notes


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Adrian Woods HOA Annual Meeting Minutes
December 10th, 2015


William Scism, President               Sarah Long, Vice President    Deborah Finkle, Secretary                 William McKinnon, Treasurer     John Maloney, Sr., Director        Patrick Gerdes, Director


1) The Annual Meeting of the Adrian Woods Homeowners Association was held on 10 December 2015 at the Clearview Road Fire Station.  The meeting was called to order by Bill Scism, President, at 6:07 pm.

2) Introductions were made to the small number of homeowners present.  Jay Schwartz, Community Manager, and the Directors were introduced.

3) Quorum Confirmation:  A quorum was met as there were several proxies in excess of the required number of 25 (there is a requirement per the Bylaws/Covenants that 30% of voting HOA members (currently 83) be present for a quorum).  A quorum of Board members was also present.  Sarah Long and William McKinnon were excused due to their work schedules.

4) Mr. Schwartz provided a notarized affidavit of mailing to document that each owner was provided notification of the meeting and assessment increase (of $25) IAW the AWHOA Bylaws and Restrictive Covenants.

5) The Board of Directors unanimously approved the November minutes as submitted and these are posted on the website:

6) Financial Review:  Mr. Schwartz reviewed the current Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Budget, carefully providing specific details of each item.  These will be available for review on the website.  In addition to providing his contact information, Mr. Schwartz encouraged all members of the HOA to provide him with their email addresses.  He stated that the HOA could save additional money by sending correspondence by email rather than have to pay for stamps.  The mailings include; notification letters, the assessments, collections, covenant violations and others that could be done by email.

7) Mr. Scism provided his vision, as President, for the Board of Directors. “"My vision for our HOA board is to provide association members with democratically elected representatives that ensure their collective rights as property owners. To do that we have an obligation as board members to be responsive to the concerns of association members, to be fiscally responsible, to enforce covenants, and to operate within the guidance provided in the by-laws and state statute.” He next discussed the primary reasons that the Board of Directors voted to hire a management company mid-year.  A community management company provides bonded financial management that protects the HOA and the Board members.  He noted that attempting to account for all the monies over the past decade is impossible and a significant concern to the Board.  There is also the ability to significantly increase collections of past due assessment, enforce the covenants with reasonable consistency and fine habitual violators, charge for vacant lot mowing, provide supporting documents for Board and Annual meetings, and other benefits.  The Board has been very pleased with Mr. Schwartz’ work for the HOA and the Board and he was thanked for his dedication to our HOA as one of many he manages.

8) Mr. Scism also provided an update regarding the ditch maintenance within the community that continues to be an issue.  Although there was a huge improvement in drainage throughout the neighborhood with the work completed in 2014, there remain some areas of flooding with heavy rains.  The cause is multifactorial; one is that the community is built on low-lying land and the water table remains fairly high.  A second is that the limiting factor during heavy rains is the drainage of Pearson Road that causes backflow into the Adrian Woods drainage ditches. A third is that the ditches and ponds have not been dry enough for the contractor (All Star Landscaping) to complete their work on cleaning out the ditches and cutting back the ponds.  There may be a need for the Board to consider again lowering the pond levels to drain off the ditches during the rainy season.  The ditches remain one of the major issues for the 2016 Board to address.  John Maloney has met with the SRC POCs for the roads and recommends the Board schedule a meeting in 2016.  This will be further addressed at the next regular meeting of the Board.

He next provided an update on the status of the unfinished house on Farrel Way.  The Board had agreed to pursue foreclosure, however, the son of the late owner has provided a check for past due monies.  If he remains current on all payments, the Board will most likely pursue the avenue of formal complaint to the Santa Rosa County Code Inspector asking initiation of Abatement Procedures IAW 2015 SRC Code of Ordinances Section 12-1.

9) Mr. Scism covered several other accomplishments of the 2015 Board including the Welcome Committee that was developed by Patrick Gerdes and Mrs. Neely.  Although Mr. Schwartz generally gets notification of when a home is sold, there is no obvious mechanism to learn when renters move in.  All HOA members are asked to let the Board know when there is evidence of a new resident so we can both welcome them, provide information important to new residents and inform them of some of the restrictions in the covenants.

Mr. Scism also thanked Sarah Long for her commitment to quality of life in the community by organizing several community clean-ups and putting up the holiday decorations.  He voiced concern that so few residents were involved in the clean-ups and he was recommending that more of the responsibility for keeping the community neat, clean, and appealing be shifted to each home and lot owner.  Successfully charging for mowing the vacant lots has been a start to this process.

10) Mr. Scism next asked for any concerns from the HOA attendees.  Two of the primary concerns related to trash cans and trailers/RVs.  The Board has requested that the covenants be followed regarding the requirement to keep trash cans screened from public view.  The covenants use the term “not visible from the street” and the Board has interpreted this to mean that the item in question is not obviously visible to someone driving by in front of the home/property.  In all matters regarding the covenants and potential violations, the Board attempts to apply a “reasonable person” approach to interpret any ambiguities.  Therefore, this would mean that prior to, and following trash pick-up days, the cans would be stored out of view from someone driving by or walking in front of the home.  The cans may be kept behind a fence, in back of the home, in the garage, or behind a small fenced area made specifically for this purpose.  The Architectural Review Committee can review any requests for this kind of small structure.

The concerns about trailers, RVs, or boats on trailers has been addressed using the same approach of “screened from public view/not visible from the street.”  Smaller boats and travel trailers that are behind a fence or behind the home are not a major concern.  Boats on trailers in the driveway or RVs clearly visible from the front of the home as one drives by are items that will be considered violations in most cases.  A list of violations is presented to the Board by Mr. Schwartz each month and any marginal situations are discussed.

Ms. Finkle thanked Mr. Scism for stepping up as President and all of the hard work he personally has done and what he has accomplished for the community.  All present concurred in their thanks.

11) 2016 Board of Directors:  The nominees for the 2016 Board of Directors include William Scism, William McKinnon, Patrick Gerdes, John Maloney, Sr. and Tom Finkle.  Mr. Schwartz confirmed that he had received no requests to be considered for the Board from the community (provided as part of his November mailing).  A vote was not required as there were less than nine nominees (more than eight require a formal vote).  Mr. Scism thanked those willing to serve on the Board and thanked the two 2015 Directors who did not want to be nominated for another term.

12) There were no final questions or comments from the attendees and a motion was made to adjourn the 2015 Annual Meeting and all Directors approved.  The meeting adjourned at 7:12 pm.

13) Immediately following adjournment, the newly elected board convened a brief meeting to determine who would assume the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   Bill Scism is President, Patrick Gerdes is Vice-President and Secretary and Billy McKinnon is Treasurer.  John Maloney, Sr. and Tom Finkle are Directors.  No other business was discussed.  The next board meeting will be scheduled in the future.


Respectfully Submitted,                                                                                           Approved,

Deborah Finkle                                 William A. Scism

Deborah Finkle, Director                                                                                          William A. Scism, President

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