August 3rd, 2019 – Board Meeting Minutes

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August 3rd, 2019 - Board Meeting Minutes

Adrian Woods Home Owners Association (AWHOA)
August 3, 2019 9:00am @ Fire Station


  • Call meeting to Order TIME: _0902___
  • Roll taken with confirmation of BoD quorum CONFIRM: Yes – Pres, VP, Treas, Sec are present.
  • Ensure everyone sign in for the meeting – Add Topics for New Business
  • Review and approval of 6/1/19 Board Meeting Minutes – Approved 09:05


  • Committee Reports:
    1. Covenant Updated, Recommends breaking up streets and have road leaders to discuss the covenants.   Suggested timeline is for final vote in December Annual meeting.  Provided timeline be adjusted to have final mailing by October to allow time.
    2. Architectural Review Committee – No new submissions.
  • Board Member (Director/Officer) Reports:
    1. Strategic Planning – Strategic Planning meeting following the 1 Jun Meeting. Request to publish and allow access.   Next meeting, discuss and vote on raising dues to $325 .


  • Discussion – Jay clarified mowing overgrown lots was under one check to same company who is doing our monthly mowing contract.
  • Past due members turned over to collection agency.
  • Finances - Accepted as is.


  • Status of Quote on Concrete Spillways – Jay will seek new quote on concrete on the two main ditches (Farrell and Adrian in Phase 2). Also request to look at water collection basin and pipe directly to ponds.  Jay stated he will call county to determine any approvals.
  • Status of Road Contract – Spray seal option - request a quote to provide more time to fix road water drainage issues.  Lenny provide Jay a company named.


  • Ditch Maintenance – Defer until quotes on ditch; Approve up to $200 to rent a brush hog to work on ditches by Board members.
  • What is defined as Trailer –
    1. 2019 Board Interpretation – Personal recreational trailers, RV, utility trailer, boat in backyard is approved provided the property is surrounded a 6 foot privacy fence (ARC has final say for exceptions).
  • Landscape Maintenance Contract – Notification of when will show for work. Concern mentioned when area is missed vs. monthly mow (how do we know which is being done).  Jay will let us know.
  • Notification to owners about grass growing over curb and debris being left on road – Jay to send reminder to homeowners to not leave clippings on roadway (hazard and impedes waterflow).
  • Utility Easement – Inquire to county about vacating the “utility easement” designation.
    1. Board Motion – Abandon center utility easement in phase2 between Adrian Way and Farrell. Motion approved unanimously by all present board members.  Jay to research with County what must be accomplished.

Member Comments/Concerns

Matt Molczyk

  • Status of Holiday Acres – No interest to join forces in common area.

Lenny Abshire

  • Discuss 1048 Adrian has over growth in ditch behind fence.   Jay to investigate if easement and request owner to mow.
  • People working on furniture in front yards. Jay stated he asked him to not leave on front yard.
  • Status of entrance signs – Lenny told us where the water hose connection is located (in utility box underground). Pass on to Larry Perriman so he knows where to look.

Sharon Rhoad

  • Is there rule of parking on street? Discussion on possible options.  Jay add to list of NOTICES out to homeowners.

SCHEDULE 2019 board meeting

  1. 7 Sep 0900
  2. 5 Oct 0900
  3. 2 Nov 0900
  4. 7 Dec- 0900 Annual Meeting (Vote new Board/Budget)


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