Month: November 2016

Update to Vehicle Theft – 2017 Ford Mustang (Baby Blue)

We’ve been provided an update on the 2017 Ford Mustang that was stolen last week.  The car has been found, abandoned, at a local teenager party spot by the Police.  They suspect that local teens decided to take the car

Vehicle Theft – 2017 Ford Mustang (Baby Blue)

As reported by Bill Scism, President of the AdrianWoods Homeowners Association.  Some time between midnight and 5am, a 2017 Ford Mustang (Baby Blue) Convertible was stolen from 5694 Farrel Way.  If anyone has any camera footage from that time frame,

Bear Sighting – October 26th at 1pm

On Wednesday, October 26th on or about 1:00 pm (Broad daylight) the same neighbor captured video of the bear lingering in the woods along Raughton Road. According to the FF&WL Commission, it’s about time for the bear to hibernate for the winter.  To accomplish

Bear Sighting – October 22nd at 7pm

Saturday evening, October 22nd around 7:00 pm; one of our neighbors was returning home and driving south on Raughton Rd.  As she approached Steel Court, she spotted something rather large galloping on all fours from the driveway across the road towards the ditch.  She stopped